Perfect Care Match's FULL SERVICE Agency

Leave it All Up To Us and ENJOY family time again!

We make it simple to enlist our FULL SERVICE AGENCY... PROFESSIONAL CARE MATCH

(a subsidiary of Perfect Care Match, LLC)
Professional Care Match Services are currently available only in New England, while Membership Services are available Nationwide.

Caregiving Services Provided:

How does our Full Service Agency differ from our Membership programs?

We understand that you are looking for less "traffic" in your home. when it comes to care for your loved one, we offer a simple solution to help you be sure you get the Perfect Match for your care needs with consistency.

Professional Care Match's Models of Care:

8 to 12 Hours of Care Per Day:

1 Caregiver Per Day- Available 1st Care Shift (early morning to late afternoon), 2nd Care Shift (late afternoon to late evening) or 3rd Care Shift (after midnight to early morning)

*Occasionally, we are able to accommodate less than 8 hours of care, so please let us know if that is what your require.

24 Hours of Care Per Day:

A Team of 3 Caregivers per day that work 8 hour shifts, which results in no hidden additional costs due to overtime charges. We assign a 1st Shift Caregiver (early morning to late afternoon), 2nd Shift Caregiver (late afternoon to late evening) and 3rd Shift Caregiver (after midnight to early morning)

Our Less Traffic
Models of Care

Tandem Teams:

A Team of 2 Caregivers per day, that work 12 hour shifts, are available for the "less traffic" model at a slightly higher cost.

Live-In Caregiver:

A single caregiver will be caring for your loved one over the course of 5 days or more. This model provides ultimate consistency for long term care.  Care is provided based on care plans that adhere to a flexible 9 hour per day schedule.

*Caregiver is available for client as needed, however, additional fees are applied if work time exceeds 9 hours in a 24 hour period.

We provide your family with safety, peace of mind, consistency and realistic expectations.